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  • Maui (Hawai)

    Maui (Hawai)

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Our travel experts are specially trained in accessibility

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  • Traveled to Orlando

    Our trip was simply amazing! Wheel the World put together an accessible vacation that couldn’t be beat. The hotels were all fantastic, in particular, where we stayed on our trip home. Everything from the doorway to the bathroom was the best place I have ever stayed since becoming a power wheelchair user!


    Traveled to Orlando

  • Traveled to Morocco

    Since mobility issues have become an issue for me, I have not traveled as much as I’d like or as I did before I had to begin using a scooter. Wheel the World pre-scouted the locations to determine accessibility. Finding Wheel the World is to me like being released to travel again, despite mobility issues.


    Traveled to Morocco

  • Traveled to Athens

    Wheel the World helped my family and I made one of my dad’s wishes come true. At the age of 80, with limited mobility, he enjoyed the magnificence of the Acropolis with us. Everything was perfect.


    Traveled to Athens

  • Traveled to Orlando

    Having everything set-up for me from the transportation to the city and museum guide made everything so much easier and took a lot of stress off me especially being in a different country.


    Traveled to Paris

  • Traveled to Costa Rica

    We were nervous because hotels and activities aren’t as accessible as they claim to be. This trip was not like this at all. All the activities were easy, we both felt confident about safety and we could enjoy the adventure without feeling like we had to miss out. That’s priceless to us.


    Traveled to Costa Rica

  • Traveled to South Africa

    My husband and I have traveled a lot over the years and it always seems that he always needs to adapt to the activities. This time around, it was different because all the activities were already adapted for him. He was the first priority on this trip. It really was great for him, which made it wonderful for all of us.


    Traveled to South Africa