Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires


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Buenos Aires & IguazĂș Falls: an accessible adventure in Argentina

7 days / 6 Nights

Buenos Aires & IguazĂș Falls: an accessible adventure in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Unpack your sense of wonder and embark on a 7-day adventure designed specifically for travelers with wheelchairs or other mobility needs. The trip will guide you on an accessible journey through Argentina's vibrant capital, Buenos Aires, and the awe-inspiring IguazĂș Falls, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable experience. This multi-day trip was designed with accessibility in mind. Your comfort and safety are our priorities! All guaranteed accessible rooms are equipped with a roll-in shower. All transportation services between your hotels, the airports, and activities have accessible vehicles and are included in the price. The 4-star Intersur Recoleta in Buenos Aires and the 5-star Gran Melia Iguazu are the selected hotels; if the accessible room is not available at the time of your booking, we will find another similar accommodation with an accessible room that also matches your needs. The price of this multi-day trip might change depending on seasonality and the availability of accessible rooms. Once you submit a booking request, a travel expert will confirm the final details.

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Discover Accessible Travel Options in Argentina

Experience the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and the welcoming atmosphere with accessible travel Argentina. From the lush wine regions to the bustling city streets, this country offers diverse travel opportunities that cater to all needs.

For those interested in the rich cultural heritage and quiet urban life, CĂłrdoba is a fantastic destination. Our guide on accessible travel in CĂłrdoba helps you explore this historic city. Discover its colonial architecture, vibrant art scene and lively university life, all accessible to travelers with diverse needs in this province.

Alternatively, immerse yourself in the dynamic and cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. Known as the "Paris of South America", its offers an array of accessible attractions, from tango halls to elegant cafes. Discover how you can explore this lively city comfortably with our resources on accessible travel Buenos Aires, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free visit.

Accessible travel Argentina

Buenos Aires has been recognized as one of the most accessible cities in Latin America. A law was passed in 1994 that required the elimination of barriers for people with reduced mobility in public transportation. Not all subway stations, the "subte", are wheelchair accessible. However, due to the developed tourist industry in the city, as well as in other places of interest in the country, there is a wide range of accessible accommodation and transportation.

Country Information


Be sure to take out adequate medical insurance for your personal and travel needs, and to have funds to cover any medical emergencies.
Dengue virus is present in some regions of the country.
Find the latest information on Covid-19 here


As is often the case in densely populated urban areas, theft is quite common in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Mendoza. We recommend you to be cautious and avoid flashing valuables.


The requirements for access to Argentina depend on your nationality. It may be necessary to obtain a visa and show a valid passport. You can consult information and obtain your visa, here.


In northern Argentina, in territories closer to the equator, temperatures tend to be warmer. In the south, on the other hand, temperatures drop. Meanwhile, Buenos Aires is humid and temperate: with distinguishable seasons and rainfall mainly in summer.


The official language of Argentina is Spanish; however, GuaranĂ­, Qom, Moqoit and WichĂ­ are recognized as regional languages.


Electricity in Argentina is 220V and the plugs are type C and I.