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Explore Guatemala’s Rich Culture with Enhanced Accessibility

Guatemala, a country known for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and ancient Mayan heritage, is making significant strides in enhancing accessibility for all travelers, including those with disabilities. Efforts are being made to improve handicap accessibility across its popular tourist destinations.

The capital, Guatemala City, is at the forefront of these efforts, offering more accessible travel options that allow visitors to explore its rich history and modern amenities without barriers. Key historical sites, museums, and public spaces are becoming increasingly accessible. For an in-depth look at accessible travel opportunities in Guatemala City.

With its commitment to accessibility, Guatemala is an inviting destination for travelers seeking a blend of adventure, history, and culture, all accessible without limitations.

Accessible travel Guatemala

While organizations have made progress in adapting some spaces in Guatemala to make them accessible, the country’s infrastructure has a ways to go. Cities like Antigua have cobblestone streets and colonial architecture that don’t always allow for smooth easy movement in a wheelchair. Certain accommodations and activities around Guatemala have accessibility features for people with disabilities, especially in Guatemala City.

Country Information


Be sure to get appropriate health insurance to fit your personal and travel needs, and have funds available to cover any medical emergency. No vaccinations are required to enter Guatemala. Zika virus has been recorded, take care to prevent mosquito bites. The most modern hospitals are in Guatemala city.


Theft, armed robbery, and carjacking can occur in Guatemala. Try to use ATMs in hotels or secure banks. Use hotel safes when possible for your valuable items, and don’t leave them in the car. Always keep an eye on your belongings and stay alert in large crowds and on public transportation. Keep a photocopy of your passport and other documents at hand in case of an emergency.


Entry requirements to Guatemala depend on your nationality. Check the specific entry requirements with your embassy or consulate.


The weather in Guatemala depends on the altitude. At lower altitudes, the climate is tropical, humid and warm year round. It has a dry season that runs from November to April and a wet season that runs from June to October. Higher altitudes mean cooler temperatures.


Spanish is the official and most spoken language in Guatemala. 22 Mayan languages and 2 other indigenous languages also have protected status.


Guatemala uses 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity and sockets are generally type A and B.