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Explore Accessible Travel in Sweden: Embracing Stockholm’s Charm

Sweden is celebrated for its innovation, stunning landscapes, and a strong commitment to accessibility. It offers a seamless travel experience for all, particularly in its urban and natural environments.

In Stockholm, the capital city known for its beautiful archipelago and historic architecture, efforts to improve accessibility are evident throughout the city. From accessible public transport to wheelchair-friendly museums and restaurants, Stockholm ensures that all visitors can explore its beauty and culture with ease. For more details, visit Stockholm Accessible Travel.

Whether it’s the serene waters of the Baltic Sea or the vibrant streets of the city center, Sweden’s approach to accessible travel makes it a perfect destination for those seeking inclusivity and adventure in their travels.

Accessible travel Sweden

Sweden is a very forward-looking country in terms of its accessibility policies. Trains have elevators and special seats for wheelchair users, guide services are available at all metro stations, trains and larger bus terminals. You can book in advance by calling Customer Service. All city buses have ground level entrances and ramps for wheelchair users; in rural areas it is harder to ensure accessible transportation. For information on the accessibility of specific places, such as restaurants, museums and places of interest, Sweden has a web resource where you can search for this information on almost 9,000 places.

Country Information


Health care in Sweden is of good quality but for foreigners is not free of charge. Be sure to take out adequate health insurance for your personal and travel needs, and have funds to cover any medical emergencies.
No vaccinations are required for travel to Sweden.


Crimes in Sweden are not recurrent, however they occur especially in urban areas, therefore, we recommend you to be cautious and avoid flashing valuables.


Entry requirements for Sweden depend on your nationality. Check the specific entry requirements, depending on your nationality, here.



Sweden enjoys a temperate climate and four separate seasons. However, the further north you go, the more extreme the weather will be. Be sure to bring appropriate clothing.


The official language of Sweden is Swedish and the majority of the population speaks English. Finnish, Sami, Romani, Yiddish and Meänkieli are also recognized as minority languages.


Electricity in Sweden is 230V at a frequency of 50Hz and the plugs are type F.