Multi-day Trips Morocco

A man in a wheelchair explores Volubilis.

8 days / 7 Nights

Imperial Morocco

Marrakech - Casablanca - Rabat

On this 8-day multi-day trip to Morocco, you will uncover and explore accessible ancient landmarks. With a particular architectural identity, this country has many interesting cities to visit and food to taste. Rabat, Fes, Casablanca, Volubilis, and Marrakech will be your main stops. Here you will visit ancient medieval cities, explore the largest Mosque in the world, and visit many stands of local handicrafts. You will always be accompanied by a professional guide and transportation will be accessible. Some meals are included within your itinerary and every accessible room will be guaranteed. Places in Morocco can be challenging to navigate for travellers with reduced mobility, but assistance will be provided if necessary. Please contact us for any special requirements and learn more detailed information about your itinerary below.

Things to Do + Places to Stay + Ground transportation

About Morocco

Coasting the Mediterranean Ocean and the Atlantic Sea, this country has many natural landscapes to visit and explore. You will trek, swim, and uncover a diverse cultural sphere. Rabat is a vibrant multicultural capital city that offers shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Famous for the artisanal handicrafts market, don’t miss out on the delicious cuisine offered in Marocco and the history that its ancient cities have to tell.

Accessible travel Morocco

Although Marocco can be challenging to navigate through for wheelchair users, many accessible options are available in its well-developed tourism industry. Accessible transportation, transfers, hotel rooms, and activities are offered.

Country Information


Be sure to get appropriate health insurance to fit your personal and travel needs, and have funds available to cover any medical emergency.


As in many urban areas, it is recommended to be cautious and avoid flashing valuables.


Entry requirements to Marocco depend on your nationality. Check the specific entry requirements with our customer service team.


Weather in Morocco is typically Mediterranean: hot and dry summers and cold and wet winters. Climate may vary depending on your destination.


Arabic and Berber are the official languages of Marocco.


Electricity in Morroco is 220 V and 50 Hz. Outlets are type C.