About Australia

The largest island in the world, Australia is known for its beaches, cities, endless opportunities to explore and its friendly people. Surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, Sidney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaid are its main cities. Each city is very different, but shares a common thread: tourism opportunities, multiculturalism, and accessible amenities or services. Australia is a modern country with a lot to offer its visitors and locals. Spend your time enjoying its bustling nightlife, exploring many different natural landscapes, or enjoying Australia’s food scene.

Accessible travel Australia

Over time, Australia has improved accessible policies. Under the Disability Discrimination Act of 1992, Australian Government agencies are required to ensure accessible information and services. Buses and trains in cities such as Sydney, provide wheelchair access. Sydney Opera House is one of the country's most notable landmarks and has the goal become barrier-free for people with disabilities. A wide range of accessible places to stay are available and there are multiple accessible beaches.

Country Information


The Australian health system is very efficient. ​​Even so, be sure to get appropriate health insurance to fit your personal and travel needs, and have funds available to cover any medical emergency.


Although Australia is a safe country, it is recommended to be cautious and avoid flashing valuables.


Entry requirements to Australia depend on your nationality. Check the specific entry requirements, depending on nationality here.


Australia's climate varies greatly, the best time to travel depends on your preferences. It can get really hot and dry in parts of the country, the northern region has a tropical climate, and occasional tornados, droughts, and heat waves do happen.


English is Australia’s official language and there are thousands of aboriginal languages as well. Auslan is the Australian sign language and it has been officially recognized since 1987.


Australia’s electricity is 230 V, 50 Hz and sockets are type I.