Accessible Activity: Big Cypress National Preserve

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On this self-guided accessible tour, you will have the opportunity to discover a unique natural environment: southern Florida’s Big Cypress National Preserve. Stretching over 2900 km² (720,000 acres), the park contains 5 natural habitats, all of which are home to different species of flora and fauna. One such habitat is the hardwood ‘hammocks’, slightly elevated areas of woodland which look similar to tropical forests due to the presence of ferns and vines. The hammocks are also frequented by the Florida panther, a subspecies of the cougar. Other habitats include the prairie, the swamps, the pinelands and the estuaries, the last of which provides a sheltered environment where marine mammals such as dolphins and manatees can give birth to their young. During your self-guided tour, you will have time to explore the park and to feel in touch with the natural environment. You can hike on some of the well-marked trails and bring binoculars to spot birds. Visitors exploring the park after dark may be able to see a spectacular night sky filled with stars, as the park is situated in an area of extremely low light pollution. Big Cypress National Preserve is adapted to accommodate guests with disabilities. The park has smooth boardwalks that can easily be navigated in a wheelchair and the bathroom facilities and visitor centers are wheelchair-accessible. In addition, guests with hearing impairments can pick up informational guides from the visitor center. There are also boards situated throughout the park with illustrations and text about the park’s natural and cultural features.

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Miami, FL, USA


Miami, FL, USA

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Frequently asked questions

The tours we offer are designed to accommodate all kind of disabilities. Our travel experts can help you find the right tour to meet your accessibility needs.

The tour of Big Cypress National Preserve is self-guided, so you will be on your own and will explore the park at your own pace. However, assistance is available at the two onsite visitor centers.

The bathroom facilities at Big Cypress National Preserve have been adapted to accommodate wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility.

For the safety of your pet and wildlife, dogs and other pets are always required to be on a leash measuring less than 1.82 metres (6 feet) in length. Your pet is allowed in the campgrounds, picnic areas, around buildings, such as the Oasis Visitor Center and Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center, and parking areas. You must be in control of your pet at all times and be aware of your surroundings

Big Cypress National Preserve has a variety of terrains, some of which may not be suitable for wheelchair users. However, there are some areas with smooth floors and the park has also installed boardwalks in some areas which can be navigated independently by wheelchair users.

Transportation is not included but can be organized for an extra charge.

No special equipment is required.