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The Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see for any tourist visiting New York, and shouldn’t be missed during your trip. Enjoy a self-guided visit to the bridge to see the sights of New York from a different angle. The Brooklyn Bridge connects the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan. It was built in 1883 and was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1964. It has 2 large arches, with the bridge held in suspension by long cables. Tourists flock to the bridge every day to admire the panoramic views across New York City, and to pose for photos under the iconic arches of the bridge. There are pedestrian lanes across the bridge, and it takes approximately 30 minutes to cross the bridge on foot. The Brooklyn Bridge is accessible for wheelchair users, with wheelchair-accessible entrances to the bridge on Centre Street on the Manhattan side and on Tillary or Adams Street from the Brooklyn side. There is an incline to get up to the bridge, but it is quite gentle and shouldn’t drain the batteries of motorized wheelchairs. The pedestrian lane is smooth, but be aware of passing cyclists in the nearby cycle lane. It is recommended to cross the bridge very early as it can become extremely crowded during the day time, with a heavy flow of traffic until approximately 11 PM.

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New York, NY, USA


New York, NY, USA

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