Park & Ocean Restaurant

United States


Accessibility information

Building access

Access: Step-free

Type of entrance: Entrance at ground level

Door width: 120 in

Door operation: Manual door (push/pull)

Public restroom

Type of public restroom: General restroom

Access : Step-free

Inside public restroom : Step-free

Door width: 33 in

Restroom turning space: More than 60 in

Toilet grab bars available: Yes

Toilet height: 17 in

Sink clearance : Yes

Faucet handle: Automatic Sensor


Restaurant entrance at ground level: Yes

Access to seating area: Step-free

Seating: Non-designated but easy access (step-free) seating areas

Type of tables: Bar table height (40 - 42 in), dining table height (28 - 30 in)

Space between tables: More than 36 in

Accessibility features

Type of assistance available

  • Push / carry wheelchair
  • Carry bags / belongings

Visual disability guidance

  • None

Service dogs allowed

  • Yes

Hearing disability guidance

  • None

Reliable accessibility information

Comprehensive planning

Personalized support